When I was a kid I never imagined traveling outside of the state, let alone outside of the country. Now as an adult flipping through the pages of my passport, I'm scratching off destinations from my bucket list. My dream is to travel and photograph the world.

I fell in love with black and white photography while in high school. It's my absolute favorite monochromatic photography. I find that black and white photography strips the photos of all it's distractions while leaving all the emotions. It challenges the viewer to explore the depth of the photo.

My greatest challenge as a photographer is being diagnosed with a progressive eye disease, kerotaconous. For some time I stopped photographing as I slowly slipped into depression. It was and still is my fear, maybe my reality, that one day I will not be able to see the beauty in my photographs, in my art. 

While I still have a chance to view life in all it's colors, textures, and depths, I will share with the world, my point of view as I express myself through my photography and my art.

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